Predictions for the last few episodes of HIMYM

So last few episodes. How do you think it will pan out and how will the season long arcs terminate.

  1. The Wedding. I think it will be Punchy’s. With two seasons to go, I really don’t believe they will take a risk with Robin or Barney and essentially remove them from the main cast. It would be tolerably easy to write in Lily or Marshall as a guest and have the spouse go in as a plus one (perhaps Marshall assists in getting the church for the couple for example).

  2. The Mother. Well we know that Ted WILL meet her at the end of the season wedding. But again with two seasons to go, like with the classroom scene in season 4 finale, I suspect they will find a way to continue the mystery; throughout the year I have heard the suggestion that he meant he met her “at the day of a wedding not at the wedding”. Another is that he merely meets her briefly (perhaps off screen or with her back to the camera) and then has no way to contact her (failed to as for her number perhaps, could be a good tie in to the claim that he called her immediately after getting her number) and the next two seasons chronicles his on off efforts to find her.

  3. We know he breaks up with Zoey; and it ended badly enough for him to comment on it nearly a decade and a happy marriage later. How?

  4. Barney and Robin. I think they will get together eventually, but not this year.