Predictions for top sports stories of 2010

Take your best shot. Serious guesses or funny ones – just have at it. I’ll start.

On the lighter side:

“Raiders on verge of perfect season heading into 2011”
“Danica Patrick admits to steroid use”
“Rose, McGwire voted into Hall of Fame”

More seriously, I’m guessing there will be additional leaks about those in baseball who tested positive for PEDs. And, against all odds, I think there will be some kind of agreement this year about bringing the NFL back to Los Angeles.


Tiger Woods takes vow of silence, wins Masters and British Open.

In major surprise, non-African wins Boston Marathon.

Michelle Wie finishes #1 on LPGA money list.

Jenson Button wins second straight F1 driver’s championship.

Carolina earns #2 seed in NFC, loses first playoff game.

LeBron James becomes first athlete with own IPO. Stockholders get photograph of themselves with LeBron photoshopped in. Dividends limited to jersey swatches and used sneaker laces. City with most stock gets LeBron for their team (and expansion team if necessary).

Tim Tebow is drafted by the close of the third round, and earns a roster spot as a FB/TE/Wild Rebel QB. After the starting QB is crushed, and the backup is mangled the following week, Tebow becomes the starter, never looks back, and goes on to become an NFL legend. (OK, the legend part will take longer than just the 2010 season).

Favre Retires.

Favre Returns.

Wayne Rooney leads England to World Cup glory under Don Fabio’s brilliant management.

Way to go out on a limb there. In an equally predictable vein, I offer: NBA player arrested for drug-related offense.

This may also happen in reverse order.

Tiger Woods
He returns to the PGA Tour, gets divorced, starts winning, and is then embroiled in a performance enhancing drug scandal.

In the second greatest shocker in NBA history, LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh, and Amare Stoudamire all sign with Minnesota. In the greatest shocker, they’re all traded to San Antonio for expiring contracts.

Roger Federer breaks the men’s record for most weeks ranked #1. Rafael Nadal does not regain the top ranking due to injuries. However, during a layoff, he becomes the world’s #1 arm wrestler.

The Marlins will win the World Series.

Tiger Woods will come back and annihilate the competition.

Blackhawks win the Stanley Cup.

A big time baseball player who has been previously implicated in steroid use will be exonerated somehow.

Suh is the highest scorer for the Lions. Yes, I know he’s defense.
Sam Bradford enters the CFL draft.
Tebow founds Christian Football League
Favre rents a house in every NFL team city, just in case he needs to play on yet another team for a year.
Jim Kelly unretires, leads Houston to their their first Superbowl win. (yeah, he’s a gambler alright)