Prefer shower/bath?

Do you all prefer showers or baths?
I like taking baths there soo good.

OH you meant “they’re”…

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I prefer showers unless it’s a REALLY big bathtub like a spa with warm water and bubbles. The tiny bathtub we have is too hard to get in and out of to be enjoyable, what with the glass shower doors and all.

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Baths after work, showers before hand.


Baths after work, showers before hand.


Before hand? Ohhhh…too easy.

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Unless you want a big mess, have sex while taking a shower, not a bath.

I suppose because this was started by dear Mikey, you just assumed it was about sex, starfish, but I didn’t get that.
If anyone cares, I rarely have the time to indulge in a long soaking bath, so I mostly take showers. But, when I really feel the need for a treat, I shut the door, lock it, hop in the tub for a long soak with a good book.

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Showers or baths?
Don’t you know that water is bad for you!!! You could catch your death getting wet all over at once.

Just put on lots of cologne.

I take baths – you can’t read in the shower.


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Time and convenience usually prevails and so then, do showers, but it is so nice to soak in a nice hot bubble bath, with candles lit and soothing music playing. Once a month or so I simply must indulge.

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Not much choice here. I only have a bath. However, I attach one of those shower nozzles to the tub faucet for a shower effect when needed.

I can even wash the toilet out with it, without touching the toilet, cause its so long :slight_smile:

While there’s something to be said for the clean feeling one has fresh out of a shower, I like a relaxing hot bath to remove all aches and pains and leave me relaxed and refreshed.

Handy said:

{Flort!!} You really shouldn’t post something like that on a OP-by-Mikey thread! :smiley:

I’m way too tall to fit in most baths, so it’s shower for me. In fact, when my parents redid their bathroom awhile ago, they made the showerhead at 7’ just for me. Which is nice, since all the showers where I’ve lived usually come to my shoulder. And I never really liked baths. You have to keep on adding hot water, and (as Kramer said) there’s all those bacteria having sex all around you.

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If I’m feeling especially sybaritic, it’s shower first (to scrub off all those bacteria having sex) and then a nice long hot soak in the tub.

If everyone has a price, my price is bathtub I can get wet all over, all at once in. I’m tired of one part or another missing the fun.

i can’t stand to take a bath unless i’ve showered right before, or will right after.

there’s something about sitting in my own filth that just doesn’t seem to appeal to me.

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I prefer to take a shower. I’m very particular about sitting in bathtubs. I have long hair and it tends to fall out and stick to the side of the tub when I’m taking a shower… can’t stand to have little strands of hair all over me after taking a bath. If I take a bath, I have to wash the tub out thouroughly beforehand.

That John Denver’s full of shit man!

Oh, I can’t remember when I last had the time to take a nice, long, hot bubble bath. sigh

I’m gonna go out and buy bubble bath tomorrow. Maybe I’ll get lucky and have some free time in the near future. Til then, it’s showers for me.

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