Preferences on Laptops

I’d like to get a laptop. Nothing terribly fancy, although a 15" screen would be good. Likely just going to do word processing and some light coding on it and possibly watching movies on the way to work.

If at all possible, I’d like to get a non-Celeron processor for ~$500. From some preliminary checking, this seems all but impossible, especially since I’d like a new non-Dell.

Anobody have any preferences? Looks like I’m going to have to bump my spending up to about $750 to meet my requirements.

Wal-Mart has two under $500 (one even has a 15.4" screen) and 13 in the $500-$750 range:

I had originally set my limit at $750 but I think a brand name is important so I gave myself an extra $100 and got the Sony Vaio. I’m very pleased.

If you sort by screen size, it looks like $798 is the lowest you’ll pay for 15".

Ah, ignore the last comment. I was already in the $750-$1000 area when I sorted on screen size.