Preferred Method of Long Distance Travel

What is your preferred method of long-distance travel?

Personally I prefer travelling by rail since it is quite comfy and often goes by fairly scenic routes without having to be stuck in traffic.

The trouble with trains and planes is that they rarely go to exactly where you want to go. Airports are on the edges of cities for the most part, so by the time you get to the airport/through the airport+(plane ride)+through the airport/from the airport, you’ve burned several hours even if the flight itself is short. San Francisco to Vegas, for example, is 9-10 hours by car, but still 6-7 hours by plane, if you’re counting doorstep to doorstep. And if you drive, you don’t have to rent a car.

Trains are simply too slow and they serve too few areas of the country. Plus, the stations are usually in the most blighted areas of a city.

I enjoy driving because I’m by myself, can listen to my music, stop to eat whenever I want, etc. And even with the Great Gas Rape, it’s usually cheaper than the train or plane.

By car, all the way. It’s FUN! It’s scenic. You can take the road less traveled. You can stop and see the biggest ball of twine in Minnesota. You can eat at places called “EAT.” You can stay in scary “Bates Motel” places. (I once stayed in a dirty little back-street motel, where the toilet flushed itself, about once every forty minutes, all through the night. I wouldn’t trade an experience like that for a night in the Ritz-Carlton!)

It helps, of course, if you actually do like to drive. Some don’t, but some definitely do!

(I once was driving through Skull Rock Pass, on the Utah/Nevada border, at midnight, under a full moon, listening to “Lone Ranger” episodes on a distant radio station. Wonderful!)

Train, if the country has a decent rail system. You can go from urban hub to urban hub.

Not to mention Elvis-A-Rama, the Tupperware Museum, the Boll Weevil Monument, and Cranberry World.

It all depends on where you need to go, how far you need to travel and what you need to do. More than 500km, it probably is better to fly. Closer by, a car can be nice (especially if your destination isn’t that conveniently located)… but if I need to be sharp, or maybe get back on the same day, the train may be the best option. Here in Europe, many of my train trips are quite a bit cheaper than what I would pay in gas by the way (sometimes less than half).

Train for me. Of course, I happen to live in the Netherlands, which has a comprehensive train network that can take you practically anywhere, and easy links to the high-speed train networks of nearby countries (Germany and France).

But I also like to use the train when I’m back in Spain with my family. I tell you, high-speed rail is a fantastic thing! Madrid-Barcelona in a bit more than 2 and a half hours is very much worth it (even though it is an expensive-ish ticket).

Trivia info that I didn’t know about: Spain has the second longest high-speed rail network in the world (2,665 km by December 2011), after… China :stuck_out_tongue:

Eh, we drive about 450 KM once a month [each way] to go see my mum, takes just over 6 hours. Not that big a deal, crank the music pack a lunch and hit the road.

In general, I like using the train when possible: someone else gets to do the driving and, unlike in a bus, I can get up, roam around, go to a bathroom that’s likely to be bigger than a broom closet…

but I also enjoy driving, when I don’t have to be anywhere in a hurry. I like being able to stop when I see something interesting.

And of course, having trains that take me from home to Madrid or Barcelona in a matter of 3-4h helps make the train attractive. It was much less nice when Barna-home took 6h - and oh boy that one trip where the train had been taken out of mothballs! Those seats hurt (and I’ve got a well-padded backside…)!

I work for the Dutch Railroads, so I travel first class for free, all my work related travels are at or near a train station, and my apartment is a five minute walk from the station.

I can get a lot of work done in the train, or watch cartoons on my tablet, I meet a lot interesting people in the train……

Road trips on motorbikes are nice, provided the weather is dry and not too hot or cold. And the bike is comfortable. We rented a Honda Goldwing for a day this summer and sitting on the back of that thing was really no different from sitting in a car in terms of comfort.

Tough decision-I voted car because I love driving and I always try to get on the Blue Ridge Parkway each summer-but I love planes too, but there I’m not the one doing the driving. Trains? Not in the US with slow-as-a-slug Amtrak.

I voted for airplanes, but (a) that’s assuming that “long distance travel” means something like 2000 km or more and (b) I live in a country (Canada) where long distance train travel is relatively expensive, slow, and inconvenient (from my experience).

Generally, I prefer driving. I do like flying and the train a lot. It all depends on the trip, the drive, how long I have, etc.

I almost included “define long-distance” in my previous post: traveling 2000km from where I am, in any direction, would put me in another country (or in the sea). Except for a few long distance services such as Trenhotel, any such trip within Western Europe would require several stops; it’s likely to be more convenient to travel by air.

500 miles is about the cutoff for me between driving and flying.

The process of flying= 1)Buy tickets trying to figure out the mysteries in getting a low fare 2)Get ride to airport 3)fly 4)rent a car.

The process of driving: 1)Get in car and drive a long time.

To me anything beyond Minneapolis to Chicago is where it makes sense to fly.

First choice is not to go anywhere to begin with, second choice would be Teleportation.

In February, I took Amtrak from the Bay Area to LA. Train ride was 12 hours, door to door was a total of 18 hours. My mother is talking about having me coming down again for another visit. :frowning:

Best of both worlds. For anything under 800 miles I fly myself. Fast, scenic, relaxing, and I get to use small airports close to my destination. Longer than that and I grit my teeth and endure the misery of flying commercial.

or the various reproductions of stonehenge, assorted “scenic views,” historical markers, and world’s tallest, longest, and smallest stuff.

Driving isn’t always practical, but it’s more fun than flying. Trains aren’t fun, occasionally useful, but not fun.

Trains and cars would get a bit wet on any long distance travel from my home… so airplane it is. Boats are just too slow. Miami in 1.5 hours or 2 days.