Pregnancy and claustrophobia

Many years ago when I was pregnant, about halfway through–when I was getting big–I started to feel mildly claustrophobic. We lived in a small apartment near NAS Miramar AND a police shooting/practice range. At the same time we were living through a heat wave (San Diego can get pretty hot) and our little place didn’t have a/c.

So there we were, with me either being largely pregnant or with a sickly newborn (he’s 31 years old now and in fine fettle and just produced a beautiful little baby girl); no a/c; the cops practicing their shooting in the evenings and it got especially noisy when they put away their hand guns and got out the automatics; AND the pilots at Miramar were practicing night landings–and often all at the same time.

That’s when I felt the walls were closing in on me and wanted more than anything else NOT to have to be in that apartment at night.

Fortunately we soon bought a house in a little development out in the middle of nowhere (this was 30 years ago) called Mira Mesa and even though it was still hot and noisy, I at least didn’t feel like I would go mad in a tiny space.

I’ve noticed that I still get uncomfortable when I start to feeling crowded by too many people in a given space and I’m guessing this is a faint holdover from pregnancy. Has anyone else experience something like this too?

I’ve been pregnant once. This didn’t happen to me.

it could have been just be a coincidence. I have found that my claustrophobia has gotten worse as I’ve gotten older, so at one point I didn’t feel claustrophobic at all, but felt somewhat claustrophobic a few years later…