Pregnancy and Rapid Heartrate

I’m about 19 weeks pregnant and seem to have an abnormally high heart rate at certain times. I have no history of heart disease and have never had any heart problems before getting pregnant.

My OB/GYN was concerned when my resting heartrate went up from about 70 bpm to over 85bpm during a visit and suggested I see a primary care physician. So far, I’ve had several blood tests and an EKG and everything seems to be fine-except that my heart seems to “race” at certain times. My EKG had a resting heart rate of 95(!) bpm. My normal resting heart rate is in the low 70s or very high 60s. My blood pressure is fine though and my blood tests all seem to be normal. It seems to be worse at night and sometimes I actually wake up because my heart is beating so fast and it feels like its “pounding”.

The docs seem to be a bit confused and they believe that its not dangerous but they are concerned. And they don’t know why this started to happen. They do say that its normal for pregnancy to raise heartbeat but not to this level or for it to suddenly race for no apparent reason. Which worries me and I can’t seem to get straight answers.

So, is this dangerous? Is there any risk to the baby? Can this make me more tired? What can I do about it?

Thanks in advance for anyone who can help with this.

I can’t tell you why it’s happening. I can tell you that rapid heartrate, especially with any sort of exertion, is part and parcel of all my pregnancies. I personally believe it has to do with the increase in blood supply. However, there is “fast” and then there is “really fast”. 85 doesn’t seem like a big deal to me. Heck, mine was running 100bpm and I was on bedrest and hardly doing anything. 170 would be fast.

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