i was wondering if there is any harm if a couple has sex during pregnancy. If so, during what stages is the harm done or not done ?

A Savvysearch phrase search for “sex during pregnancy” turned up several sites, including these:

If it’s a high-risk pregnancy, you may be under certain restrictions.

If there is an STD, again, there may be restrictions.

Good luck and congratulations!

Yes, talk with your ob/gyn to see if there is any risk
of harm to you or the fetus/baby. Generally, there are
no problems [physical] which should force celebacy during pregnancy. There may be some psychological hangups: the
man doesn’t want to hurt his partner, for example. In that
case, we should remember that there are all kinds of sex acts - find the one[s] that give both you and your partner pleasure. Just remember that the risky stuff you did during the nonpregnancy period remain risky during pregnancy.

Pregnant women tend to fall into three groups when it comes to sexual activity: no change, want no part of it and can’t get enough of it. Given the increase in hormones, some women experience slightly swollen genitals 24/7 which make sex all that much more desirable and pleasurable.

Some folks say that a good round of sex will help kick start the labor process, however I found that after nine months of wanting to be hugged, stroked and caressed etc. that I was tired. Taking care of a 11 month old and carrying around 16.5 lbs of twins can be exhausting.

peaches, I saw your name and checked it out and I find I have something to contribute also.
When I was pregnant(MArch 93) I was almost 2 weeks late.
We had heard the rumor of sex bringing on labor, so we tried it.
A few days later, I went in to check and they said I was 3 centimeters, but had to induce, so it doesn’t work!
And that was the only time we had sex during pregnancy, since there was No reason to furthur risk my life, as some of you know.

Peaches: Glad to hear from you again. I am still working
on the username change.

Yeah, there’s lots of old wives tales about pregnancy and
labor/delivery. Some have effect and others don’t. I was told to walk around, but all that did was drop me to my hands and knees while I snarled and became the most wicked pregnant lady on the ob/gyn hospital wing.

I was also told that breastfeeding can act as a contraceptive during the first months after delivery; hahahah.

I have heard that even through the pregnancy orgasms are a great work-out for the uterus if it is not a high-risk pregnancy.
When it gets closer to the time the orgasm helps to start contractions, and the other stuff helps to soften the cevix.
Didn’t help with me much either. With my third who was 10 and 1/2lbs I went in a four centimeters. Still had to be enduced but I think the sex did help a little there.

Even better for those of us who became more sexual during pregnancy are mulitiple orgasms. Some women have their first mulitiples while pregnant.
The other thing is finding new positions. That is of course if it is not high-risk.

If Doc says eveythings okay, then have a blast!