Pregnant mom drives into ocean at Daytona Beach. Wants to take her kids to a "better" place.

:eek: She won’t be winning any mother of the year awards. Geez, there are some crazy ass people in this world. Lets hope these charges stick and she goes to prison. She should never have custody of any children again.

Chilling video of the incident.

Attempted murder charges filed.

WESH has a really good video report that includes interviews with the rescuers.

There are a lot of people who have a mental illness episode and then recover. There is a good chance she will fit into this category.

There is a difference between mental illness and evil, Aceplace57.

I’m not sure what sending her to prison would accomplish.

Would you be so forgiving if she had successfully murdered them?

One less psycho child-killing bitch in the world with less chance to breed, that’s what prison would accomplish. She could even share a cell with Susan Smith and Andrea Yates, so they could brag about their past accomplishments, I’m easy-going like that.

Considering that the woman was babbling about demons before heading out with her kids, I’m thinking maybe she’s actually lost her grip on reality. But fortunately we’ll have court-appointed psychiatrists and the like to help figure out whether she just felt like murdering her kids or whether she thought they were escaping damnation to hell by racing into the surf and off to heaven.

She’s faking it.

Great, I’m glad you’re qualified to diagnose by police reports. I must have missed taking that test.

BTW, Andrea Yates is in a mental hospital. Smith is in prison.

What’s to diagnose? She’s unsafe around kids, anyone’s kids. Would YOU be willing to let her babysit YOUR children, after seeing what she’s capable of?

And you know what really makes me sick to my stomach? As the men were rescuing her kids, she got out of the SUV and WALKED AWAY, as if it was nothing in the world. What happened, did the demons tell her, “It’s okay, we’ve changed our minds, you may go now,” or something like that? I’d like to hear your excuse for that.

No sane mother tries to kill her kids.

And every time I read such sad stories as these, I am grateful that my own grip on reality is pretty solid, and have nothing but pity those who don’t share the same degree of mental health.

YMMV etc

Man I hope they catch that Puerto Rican guy who did it.

Good think it’s “attempted.” I don’t know what it says criminologically about trying to do this in a public area.

buddha_david: Kindly point out where I said “oh that poor dear, set her free, she’s just had a bad day.”

I’m pointing out that there is a goddamned difference between intentionally committing murder, and honestly but delusionally believing that you are attempting to prevent something even more terrible by doing something awful. And that difference is usually prison vs incarceration in a mental hospital and forced treatment. Get it?

And fuck, I don’t know why she got out - I’m not the psychiatrist on the case. Maybe the demons didn’t want her? Maybe she was hoping to reclaim the kids since they were being taken away? Why don’t you ask her since you know her motivations?

Drove into the ocean?

The whole story sounds fishy to me.

Another one. This is why I claim that anyone who claims to be religious with kids in house or homeschooled kids should get a weekly mandatory visit from child services.

Sh probably has Susan Smith posters on her wall.

Keeping this woman far, far away from kids is what matters. Unfortunately theres a good chance some doctor will swear she’s all better in a year or so. She could get custody again.

It seems like they have a solid attempted murder case against her. That should keep her locked up for a few years. At least give the two older kids a chance to grow up in a safer home.

I’m not sure what will happen with the three year old and the baby she’s due to deliver. They will probably be the focus of a custody battle in a few years.

As someone who has upon occasion lost her tenuous grip on reality, can I just say “thank you” to those who don’t automatically knee-jerk every story like this they read? That you can see distinctions between a person who perhaps has had a psychotic break and those who do crimes just for shits and giggles, means a great deal to any of us who struggle with difficult mental issues daily. We appreciate you.

That depends – did you ever once try to murder your children? Or anyone else’s children?

And BTW does everyone at least agree the entire tone of this thread would be different if it was the FATHER who tried to kill those innocent kids, not the mother?

I don’t object to the woman being sentenced to a mental hospital. Getting her locked up and protecting those kids is what matters. Her unborn child is still at risk if this woman attempts suicide again.


Jeez, buddha_david, did your mom kill you when you were a kid or something ?