Premiership - end game

This season has been one of the most exciting and unpredictable seasons in Premiership history. Only really now with 3 games left (for most teams) has a clear front-runner for the title emerged.

Liverpool have been fantastic and really exciting to watch - their very attacking style with 2 true centre forwards is refreshing compared to the cagey, defensive style of Chelsea and reminds me of the Premiership teams of the early to mid nineties, which often had two good goal-scoring CFs playing in tandem. It would also be good to see them finally win after over twenty years. Brendan Rodgers has done a fantastic job, after a fairly meteoric rise. It’d be interesting to see how their style of play translates into the Champions League.

Also the bottom is still wide open too, even the bottom team is only 3 points from safety and with a game in hand.

At the moment, of course it is impossible to look past Liverpool for the title. My predictions for the drop are Fulham, Cardiff and Norwich.

And one point between Arsenal and Everton in fourth.

I really don’t like Arsenal, I never liked teams who try to pass the ball into the net.

And Man U a good bet to be out of the Europe all together.

And a fierce relegation battle, which can deliver things like bloody Sunderland winning at Chelsea.

On May 11, the final day of the season, all 10 games are being played at 10 a.m. eastern and all 10 will be broadcast on stations owned/affiliated with NBC. Hopefully, all kinds of things will still be in doubt and all kinds of craziness will occur.

With Arsenal out of the picture and a family full of Liverpool fans, i’m pretty firmly on their side now for the title, even with Suarez. I don’t think i’d ever mind too much if Everton pipped us for Europe, they’ve certainly deserved it (and it’s not like we’d do much if we got in there anyway).

You’d seriously be ok with Everton beating out arsenal for Champion’s League? That’s nuts, and Everton don’t deserve any more than Arsenal do. The thing is that this season will likely see the highest points ever for a team not in the Champion’s League. But people seem to be thinking Arsenal’s season is a bust, but they are odds on favorites to win the FA Cup and they will finish with their highest point total in over five years.

You could always try bribing your way into the CL, you’ve got previous for that sort of thing…

Citeh are in the driving seat now, it’s theirs to lose.

Everton, after several seasons of bad starts and really strong finishes seem to have fallen apart at the moment.

Rumours of Moyes coming to Spurs… This is God’s revenge for crucifying his son.

Please be true, please be true, please be true…

That’s the most evil sadistic thing I’ve ever read…

What can I say? St. Totteringham’s Day always brings out the worst in me. :slight_smile:

Or the best…Gunners!

Get back to sarf lunden the pair of yer…

We did the double in black and white on muddy pitches. None of your technicolour poncing about like you lot…

My prediction is that City will drop points at Goodison, handing the title back to Liverpool. As a Man U fan, I’m torn between who I least want to triumph. I kind of feel like Liverpool deserve it, but that would mean they catch us up in overall titles, and I don’t like Stevie GBH - would be quite happy to see him end his career without a League title (and if he doesn’t get one this year, that’s likely to happen). Man City are of course the dreaded rivals (as are Liverpool, but strangely I inherently hate Chelsea more than either of them). Arsenal aren’t mathematically out of it yet but obviously that won’t happen, if it did I would prefer it to any of the other outcomes. But of the three likely teams, I guess I have to hope Liverpool win it.

Similarly, if Chelsea win tonight I’ll be torn on who to support in the CL final. Chelsea because they are British, and a Madrid win would extend their lead in overall European Cups? Or Madrid because they are a more talented team, generally play more attractive football, and of course I hate Chelsea? Decisions, decisions.

Agreed. I just really don’t want to see the Chelsea/ManCity business model continue to succeed.

Again, to me there isn’t much choice. Chelsea are vile, and cannot be supported. I still think they’ll find a way to win the final if they make it, making it a dull and tedious affair in the process.

Well, one wish came true last night. I have no particular affinity for Atletico, but I’d like to see them do the league/European Cup double. The CL final could be an interesting “irrestible force” (RM attack) vs “immovable object” (AM defence) clash. But these things rarely go as scripted.

Oh, and you misspelled “vanity project” as “business model” :). Though I’m yet to be convinced the Liverpool/Man U way of doing things is a good idea (rich American owners as opposed to rich Russian/Middle Eastern owners). At least the Americans seem to be trying to follow a proper business plan rather than just pumping loads of their own personal wealth in.

And then there were two…

I think it’s far to say that Chelsea’ already slim hopes for the title have faded to almost nothing.
City are still favourites, but if Liverpool bag the three points tonight the pressure’s back on City to win against Villa, a likely result - but not a formality. Liverpool players also get an extra couple of days recovery time. West Ham have got a habit of messing up teams ambitions on the last day of the season (with or without the aid of lasagna), so I don’t think they’ll be pushovers.

Everton are stuck in no mans land, destined for Thursday night matches in far-flung ex-Soviet territories.

Meanwhile Spurs and Man U are battling it out for seventh place to avoid the Europa.
Although we’re three points clear of them, they’ve got a game in hand and a far superior goal difference, so if they accidentally beat Hull tomorrow we only have to lose to Villa to take the coveted 7th spot.

This sentence almost makes me feel a bit of sympathy for Tottenham fans…almost.

You are an absolute rotter.

Well, Scousers, that was…unexpected.