Premonition of 9/11 - did anyone you know or yourself have one?

My wife visited the lower Manhattan area and wanted to take a phote of the WTCs. A thought went through her mind, “I want to take a picture of them WHILE THEY ARE STILL HERE.” She dismissed the thought at the time.

No premonitions, but I have have countless dreams about being in the WTC before it collapsed, always knowing it was going to collapse. I’m curious if anyone else has had those dreams.

It’s not uncommon for me to have dreams about train wrecks, crashing planes, and out of control elevators. When any of these things occur IRL, I don’t consider my dreams to be premonitions.

I don’t know if it’s a premonition, but about a month before it happened I was standing on the lawn of the Capitol building talking to a few people about the future of America and I pointed to the Capitol building and said “soon this will all be gone” (I ment the power of Washington in the relatively near future, not the building itself).

When September 11th happened I was reading Tom Clancy’s “Executive Orders” in which a plane crashes into the Capitol Building, which was weird enough.

Yeah, but 99.8% of them never happen.

On Sept. 10th, I was having a light-hearted email conversation with my dear friend in NY about why he should move to my part of the US (the midwest). I have always joked about how I want him to move here. During that particular discussion, one of my points was that in the event of a war, the odds are the enemy would attack NYC (and D.C.) sooner than the midwest states.
It wasn’t a premonition because obviously I had no expectation that such a thing would happen THE NEXT DAY…but it was an unfortunate coincidence of timing.

There’s some guy with sort of longish black hair and a goatee who preaches on the religion network who said, after the fact, that he had predicted the WTC bombings. :rolleyes: I don’t know the guy’s name–he’s always explaining how the world’s going to end in a couple weeks.

I don’t believe that a single one of the “clairvoyants” who make the big bucks on TV warned authorities that the hijackings were in the works.

I was 18 years old and newly married in September of '01. About a week before the planes crashed into the World Trade Center Towers, I’d had a horrible dream. (Side-note: I’ve lived on the west coast for most of my life, and at the time, I had no idea that the “Twin Towers” even existed. I’d never even heard of them before 9/11.) Here’s the the dream I had in September of 2001:

I was flying above these two towers that looked exactly alike, and they were very tall. I flew by one of the windows near the top and entered into the building through that window. I could see offices and lots of people and papers. I felt a sense of dread as I walked through the cubicles, but the people were just going on with their daily work. I went into one of the closed doors and I could see a huge gathering of people in a nice office. I was so scared and I felt like I really needed to get out of the building but I couldn’t really move. Everyone was just standing there, quiet but shocked, and looking out the window. I looked out the window too at the sky-scraper’s twin. There was smoke coming from the other side, but we didn’t know what the cause was. There was a man at the desk. (He looked like the actor Victor Garber from the movie Titanic who played the Titanic’s architect.) He stood up and said to us all, “This is the beginning of the end”.

Even though it doesn’t sound like much on paper, there was SO much emotion running through me as I slept. I had this horrible feeling of terror and it seemed like my life was about to end… like a life/death emergency was about to occur. I startled myself awake because I couldn’t take it anymore… the emotion and adrenaline I was feeling. I was crying so much that my husband had to hold me and comfort me so I’d stop crying. When I had mostly recovered, I wrote the dream down in a notebook with the date on it… Sept. 2nd, 2001.

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There was a thing in Stephen King’s book “The Stand” which I recently re-read that was talking about how planes that crashed were always emptier than normal statistics would allow for. I wonder if he was just making stuff up, or if there is any truth to any of that.

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