PrePaid Legal

Has anyone heard about or joined this service? Do you have the Straight Dope?

I got involved with them through a guy I kind of knew, when you have a problem you get the run around and if you are persistent you might eventually get some flimsy advice. I wouldn’t go so far as to call it a scam but it is an unneccessary(sp?) expense (just do the math, it’s almost $400.00 a year).


Thanks Unclviny, since I posted I’ve found they seem to be involved in a few lawsuits as defendents, but not much else. Think I’ll stay away from this one.

From one persons bad experience? My family has pre-paid legal for a while now. It is very convenient if you like to sue a lot.

I think the OP is referring to a brand name called “PrePaid Legal,” right?

Lots of companies offer pre-paid legal as a company benefit that you pay for with your flex dollars or cafeteria plan or whatnot. Not a necesarrily a bad thing.

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