Preparing for the Endoscopy clinic?

So, I have to go in (on my BIRTHDAY even) and perform fellatio on a tube with a camera and light in it. And I have to swallow. For a good time, call…

I’m actually worried. I have a very low gag reflex tolerance. Hell, my dentures still make me gag. This is the first time I’ve had one of these and I’m afraid they’re not going to be able to do it because I’ll be gagging too much. Whatever they’re looking for is somewhere around the solar plexus area (what is a solar plexus anyway?) so I suppose that will take a lot of tubing.

Any tips to help make it go better? Thanks in advance.

I’ve had several over the past 3 years. Most of them they put me completely under. I was awake for only two of them. The first one I had no problems at all. They do anesthetize you some and you are very relaxed. The other one I had a little more problem and had some gagging and in the end they went ahead and put me under.

My advise is don’t sweat it. The people there have dealt with it before and will know how to handle it. They’ll help you get through it.

Good luck.

They’ll put me out if I need it? Oh good! That makes me feel better. How long should I go without food? 12 hours? 24? Did you eat/drink anything special in the few days/week leading up to them?

The blasted thing is at 7:30am and they want me to be there an hour before. I’ll probably fall asleep as soon as I get horizontal.

They should have given or will give you the answers to the food questions. If they don’t, definitely ask! Mine was always: no food or drink after midnight. I did not have to eat or drink anything special beforehand.

I haven’t received anything yet, but I still have a couple of weeks to go. Thank you for your response Khadaji.

I had them going into both ends in the same day. I was awake but so sedated that I have absolutely no memory of it. These people do these all the time, they know what to expect, and they’ve seen everything. They’ll take good care of you!

The solar plexus is a nerve center around where your diaphragm is. A good punch to it can cause temporary disruption of some functions in that area–“knock the wind out of you.” Funny they should mention it because it’s not part of your digestive tract.


Happy Birthday!

I got given intravenous Rohypnol - I was fighting the tube and gagging, according to the nurses, but I don’t remember a damn thing about it.

Now the colonoscopy without anaesthetic was more interesting…

I just had one done a few months ago. They should be sending you instructions about preparation. One thing I will tell you, if you are a smoker, don’t smoke for at least 12 hours before the procedure.

I was given I think Morphine, (just a small amount as the procedure goes by so quickly) and damn, I can’t remember the other drug, it starts with an “A” and it basically puts you in a dopey dream like state and causes a slight memory loss.

I also have a ridiculous gag reflex and yes the tube going down isn’t the most comfortable thing I’ve experience but it’s not painful. I gagged a little bit but since I had not had anything to eat or drink there was no puking. Just some belching.

I was half asleep throught the whole thing and the drugs make it seem like a dream. It’s very dissociative. Then, bam, it’s over and with the exception of having a little bit of a scratchy throat the rest of the day, it was a snap.

Good luck and try not to worry too much, it’s really not bad at all!

Another one with the same message.

You are completely sedated (not morphine, but usually a mixture of Versed and other drugs). Versed also causes memory loss so even if from the outside you appear to be awake and fighting the tube, afterward you will remember nothing at all of the experience.

A fast is necessary, but your doctor will give you all the details.

Yes, as I said the medication starts with an “A” it was Versed. :smack:

I was also given a twilight drug (I believe that’s the term they used for the drug that caused puts you out a bit and causes the memory loss). I couldn’t tell you for the life of me what the experience was like. But, as with others, I couldn’t have any food or drink after midnight the day of.

As an aside, these twilight drugs are fascinating. I had the experience once of being in the emergency room next to someone who had dislocated his shoulder. They put him out using a twilight, and then tried to pull his shoulder back into his socket. Apparently, though, the guy was very, very well-built, and the doctor couldn’t do it by himself. Ultimately, they had four people on him trying to pull and hold him in place at the same time. During this time, a rather excruitiating five minutes for anyone within earshot, the poor guy was screaming his head off in pain as the tugged on his arm until they finally got it back in.

When they brought him out of it, he was fine and didn’t remember a thing, and I could hear his buddy teasing him saying, “Man, you were crying your eyes out!” :smiley:

Thank you Asimovian, The Chao Goes Mu, Exapno Mapcase, jjimm, Khadaji and CookingWithGas for your answers. You’ve all made me feel a lot better!

No, they didn’t mention the solar plexus, they just pointed to that general area and said they wanted to check there. I had to go to the emergency room several weeks ago…wait, I went to my regular doctor, and he sent me to the emergency room, because I was having nausea, pains in my upper abdominal area, and abnormal bleeding (meaning, I was having red spotting when I haven’t had a period in years). They did 3 different blood tests (one when I saw my doctor, one when I first got to the emergency room, and another one later because, I don’t know why because) and a CAT scan (what a fascinating experience). They said, first, the spotting was probably unrelated to my stomach ailment and they didn’t know what was causing that, and second, they didn’t know what was causing my stomach ailment (I hadn’t eaten any weird foods or done any of the other things they asked me about). They said I did seem to have a “thickening” in that area (pointing to the solar plexus region). I was a bit groggy because they’d given me something for the pain, so I didn’t ask any questions. I know I should have.

So for down below, I’ll be having a pelvic ultrasound and Colposcopy in October, and for the middle I’ll be having oral relations with a tube in 2 weeks. The ultrasound and Colposcopy don’t worry me at all (the spotting has stopped, btw, as has the nausea and pains, so I’m not sure why I have to have any of these) and now I feel much better about the endoscopy procedure.

Thank you all!