Presenting the finest in geriatric UK hip hop, The Northern Boys

Do you want to make love to a sad old man?


what the holy hell

Fekking hilarious, 'tis.

Apparently geriatric hip hop is an actual trend in the UK, started by a group called Pete and Bas (I think). But I like these guys better - the lack of polish and budget adds to the charm IMO.

New song from The Northern Boys:

Very inclusive, and a real banger. NSFW at all.

Norm has a beard again, I suppose that’s why they haven’t made anything for a while as he was growing it back. Kev still killing it with his dancing.

Although not geriatric as such, this pre-dates them:

Where do they get the budget for those lavish music videos?

If we’re doing Chap-hop, might as well have some Professor Elemental too.