President 2.0

This time, it really is going to be different. How it will unfold after his story told is unknown, but it will be different. The President-elect talks about the First Dog and the popular talk of the FD on his website in his first press conference.

He is going to reach the masses in a much different way than previous Presidents. Some of it due to the availability of technology, but most of it due to his willingness to use it.

I liked the press conference. It was so. . . presidential.
And, speaking as an illegitimate mutt of undistinguished stock, I liked the mutt part.

Well, speaking as a 100% supporter - Will things get better? I mean Obama is good and all but, will he really be able to solve the problems that are quite possibly the biggest ever to face a modern world leader?

Wasn’t it great? A president (elect, but still) who actually answers questions! The only question he sort of skirted was the one about how he’d react if he disagreed with stuff Bush does between now and January 20.

We started watching it on CNN but they cut away to a jury verdict (the courthouse shootings from three years ago). Good thing several other networks didn’t have their heads up their asses.

I think he can put things in motion. It may take two or three terms before we dig ourselves out, so he may not be President when it’s done, but it’s doable.

I liked how he reminded everybody that Bush is still President, and Bush and his administration are currently working on issues. I was a little less sanguine about how he didn’t say “and any changes we make to our plan will be in support of and in response to the things that the Bush administration make between now and then,” like he really doesn’t expect the Bush administration to do anything between now and January 20 except count paper clips. To be honest, I got the impression that he’ll be happy if we go another two months without the situation getting any worse than it is.

I like how he answered the -very good - question on what has he learned from his first intelligence briefing. He basically didn’t say anything, but that the communication has room for improvement. Ok, cool. But he was very presidential - I too get the impression he is enjoying himself. As he should - in two months he will be the most powerful man on the planet.

So much of leadership is inspiring others to follow. He’s got the attention of half of us. If he fails to step on his dick in the next 12 months he’ll get half of the other half. The remaining quarter are inbred troglodytes anyway so they can still get jobs as fish bait.

He’s got a lot on the ball. It wouldn’t surprise me if he pulled some novel solutions out of his hat. Then again, he’s been dealt such a crummy hand I don’t think anyone would blame him if there is still HIV and world hunger in 2012.

i thought the press conference was good, and he was more relaxed, and funnier than i expected.

it was a sad day here in philly as we emptied out the campaign headquarters. such a difference from last friday.

everything was out, funiture, trash, and people by 1pm.

Is it usual for a president (or president-elect) to know the reporters by name?

Is it common for the reporters to ask personal questions?

Though, it makes the president-elect rather approachable.

(CNN Live - the web broadcast - has an entire stream dedicated to the press conference which was not interrupted at all)

Just wondering; is the president elect going to increase taxes for the wealthy? He seemed to answer the question behind that question instead of answering the question itself (if you get what I mean)

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