President Ahmadinejad of Iran to leave politics in 2013

CNN reports:

So – good news, I guess, crazy as the saber-rattling anti-Israeli gay-bashing bastard is – but this means Khamenei – a key figure in the 1979 Revolution, and a right-hand man of Khomeini himself – wins the power-struggle, and is that any better for Iran or Israel or America or the world? Is there any chance this will lead to liberalization or secularization or real democracy in Iran? Is anybody here well-versed in Iranian current events?

In my experience, the older, more religious elements are the ones who tend to be less open to change. I mean, obviously.

He’s going to take some time off to oppress his family.

The scary thing is that Ahmadinejad is a moderate compared to his bosses.

My guess is his pockets are full!

Hopefully he’ll work on fixing Tehran’s traffic. He has a Ph.D. in traffic management.

He could emigrate to LA and help out there while enjoying the company of the world’s largest enclave of ethnic Iranians outside of Iran!

No, that would be the Army of the Guardians of the Islamic Revolution, or Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps. A third player, with major business interests. Not to be confused with the Guardian Council, which is six mullahs appointed by Khamenei and six lawyers nominated by the “Head of the Judicial Power” (also appointed by Khamenei), and which has the power to veto legislation and disqualify election candidates.

Meanwhile, Iran begins nuclear talks in Moscow.

Yes, I’m sure he would get along smashingly with Persian expats. :rolleyes:

Seriously, can we now finally knock off the line that [del]Imadinnerjacket[/del] [del]Ahmadi[/del][sub]—fine—[/sub]Ahmadinejad is some sort of madman seeking a war with Israel and the nuclear bombing of his own country in its inevitable reprisal? Really, now. He’s very likely a corrupt ass, but he’s not what paranoid Westerners think he is.