President Bush takes a shot at Tony Romo

Bush Meets New York Giants, Cracks Jokes About Jessica Simpson

On the one hand, I laughed my ass off. On the other hand, that poor girl. The leader of the free world is taking shots at you? That’s gotta suck. Even worse is that I’m assuming she’s a “fan” of his, being a good Texas girl.

I can’t stand the guy, but hats off to him for trotting that one out. Good stuff. Sure he didn’t write it, but that’s the type of thing that usually gets filtered out of White House events.

Bush has time for this? Doesn’t he know he only has only has eight and a half months left to bring peace to the Middle East?

I thought he was fairly funny. I actually found the “… and then went into Dallas” funnier than the Simpson punchline.

He’s too busy planning the manned mission to Mars isn’t he?