President Hinkley ties McKay

From this article in the Deseret Morning News:

Yikes! You have to be an octegenarian to be President?

Anyway, if true, I want what David O. McKay’s having. If I stop aging now, I would be reasonably happy. :slight_smile:

McKay died in 1970, so if you had what he’s having, you’d stop aging, but wouldn’t be happy.

Back in the 1980s a friend came to visit me in Salt Lake. As we’re going through the Vistor’s Center in Temple Square, he looks over the birth and death dates for the leaders of the Church.

“Do you realize,” he asked me, “That all the heads of the Mormon Church were born in the 19th century?”
It was true (at the time) – the first couple of leaders were very young (no pun intended), but later on they tended to be pretty old, and by the 1980s all of them had been born before 1900.

Same kind of trend as the Popes, if you think about it. probably for the same reasons. I think a young LDS leader is as unlikely now aas a young Pope.

Probably even less likely. The College of Cardinals could, if they so chose, elect a 50 year old cardinal to be pope, but the Quorum of the 12 always appoints the Apostle with the most seniority President.

By most seniority, we mean the current Apostle with the latest longest unbroken time in service as an Apostle.

I remember, a little over a decade ago, reading about the death at 95 of Ezra Taft Benson, at that time LDS president. I knew that he’d been Secretary of Agriculture in the Eisenhower administration, but was flabbergasted that someone from so long ago still held any important position. (And he wasn’t even made president till age 86.)

Congratulations, Gordon B. :slight_smile:

Up until six or seven years ago, the guy really seemed impervious to the passing years. I don’t remember what year Marjorie died, but ISTR it was around then that about 20 years of postponed decrepitude caught up to him. He suddenly seemed really, really old.

Correction published to the first link.

Although if you want to get technical about it, he wouldn’t be unhappy either.

I can’t imagine somebody 90+ being of entirely sound mind…so why are revalations channelled to these old guys? Is there a MINIMUM age to be the head of the church? :o

Uh,** ralph**? You are going to have to revise your imagination then. Lots of people of great age have perfectly sound minds.

Like my grandmother. She’s coming up on her 102nd birthday. Hearing and eyesight are not the best, but she has a perfectly sound mind that she uses to pay attention to the news, write poetry, visit with friends, and so on. The woman keeps her voter’s registration up to date, and never misses an election, although she needs help filling out the ballot(grandma is in a nursing home.) If she hangs on till 2008, she will have voted in 21 straight presidential elections, something not many people can ever say they’ve done.

And BTW, it’s “revelation”, not “revalation” or “revalatuion”. I just don’t want folks to think you are senile because your spelling is off! :smiley:

**Eubie Blake

Hal Roach** passed the century mark, and were still going strong. Roach looked and acted amazing when I last saw him on TV.

and George Burns almost made it to 100

Plenty of people are still sharp in their 90’s. You can watch this particular 90+ year-old on TV or streaming video, and see for yourself that he’s fine in the mental area. It’s true that he’s slowed down quite a bit in the last couple of years, but he’s still frighteningly active–he just got back from Finland.

Actually, he did make it to 100, but just barely. According to IMDB he died 48 days after his 100th birthday.


You’re evidently confused. This is not the right forum for that comment.

Your post would have been better off without the insulting title.

If you want a debate, start one in GD; if you want to just sling insults at a religion, go to the BBQ Pit.

Au contraire. His post title said something about “revalatuion.” I wholeheartedly agree that revalatuion should be kept out of the hands of nonagenarians, especially Gordon B. Hinckley. :stuck_out_tongue:

Who is still wondering when Jodie Foster is going to get back to him.

Similarly, if Gerald Ford hangs in there just a few more days, he will have become the oldest former (US) president, surpassing Ronald Reagan.