President Obama quits war in Iraq

Story. Apparently he’s a quitter.

But seriously (3rd time in a year for me!), great news no matter if you prefer elephants or asses.

Great news indeed. Now we just need to end the war in Afghanistan and we’ll be set.

Yeah…for N.Korea and Venezuela.

Venezuela maybe, but the only way we’re going into NK is as an ally of the PRC. It would be WWIII otherwise and our ties with Beijing are too close for anyone in power to want that.

I’m glad that practically all the soldiers are leaving, although some contractors and others will still be in Iraq for some time.

And the U.S. isn’t going into Venezuela any more than it’s going into North Korea. Relations between the U.S. and Venezuela aren’t particularly bad compared to where they were under Bush, and Chavez may be dying of cancer anyway.

As Colbert said the other night (in reference to Libya, but still): “I love it when a war ends. Because we get to pick the next one!”

I was glad to hear that as well but when I told my parents about it, their response was “It’s only because he’s getting ready for re-election.” And it’s like really? Can he do nothing right? Give the guy some credit for doing the right thing.

It was a quick little war for Bush that lasted a fucking decade. Get the hell out. There is a lot of sorting out for them to do and the sooner they get started, the better off it will be.

About time. $800 billion+ well spent! :smack:

Damn straight. If Obama turned water into wine, there’s people who would be yelling that we should re-instate Prohibition.

They don’t want us there. Time to leave. Chickenhawks demanding that we ignore their sovereignity and our past promises be damned.

Yeah, we need out of Afghanistan if only so we don’t have to keep relying on Pakistan to allow our shit to transit while they otherwise stab us in the back.

If he walked across the Potomac, the headlines would read, “Obama can’t swim!”

Yeeeah it’s to the point of ridiculous. My mother told me that she hadn’t voted in ten years but she was going to vote next year just to make sure ‘that man’ doesn’t get re-elected.

Oh well, it is only money.

It was agreed in 2008 that all U.S. soldiers would be out of the country by the end of 2011. It’s true that the withdrawal could have been changed, and that it might have been changed if the governments of the U.S. and Iraq hadn’t been in conflict over immunity for U.S. soldiers. It’s also probably true that extending things would have looked bad for him. But this isn’t something Obama just decided to do for the 2012 election, since you can see the withdrawal agreement dates to the Bush administration.

Darn, I was so hoping that speech would end with “Now, my fellow Americans, the mission is accomplished!”

I hate it when they keep their promises.

Looks like Afghanistan and Pakistan are concerned about the USA:

I shudder for what’s going to happen to the Iraqis now.

I think they’ve had rather more “help” from us than they can stand.