President Trump's notches a win at SCOTUS in asylum restrictions case

The actual SCOTUS order is available here:

Sotomayor and Ginsburg dissented.

One more example of Trump and his Supreme Court appointees getting everything bass ackwards at the expense of humanity and morality.

Do you consider this a win?


It appears that President Trump’s Supreme Court appointees’ were joined in this by one of Obama’s, and Clinton’s, and both of GWB’s, and one of George H. W. Bush’s appointees.

What does this have to do with elections?

I guess because it’s about the sport of politics, which apparently involves teams, and has “winners” and “losers”. What happens to actual human beings is not important.

By that standard, discussion of anything the Admin does would belong in the Elections forum, but I think most such are better placed in GD or the Pit.

I’m aware. My point is that it’s not bad enough that Trump and his administration are blatantly actively undermining the values of this country by leaps and bounds by being maliciously evil in trying to destroy our reputation and credibility with stupid shit like this.

The part that really bothers me is that they’re so fucking smug doing anything they can that only benefits them and theirs. The fact that a couple of justices got duped is nothing to be happy about.

Trump is pissing on our collective legs. The only difference is that you haven’t realized that it’s not rain. He could tell you to go to hell, and you’d pack a bag and request a window seat.

Unless the “couple of justices” is referring to Sotomayor and Ginsburg, you’re way off on the number here, and I’d argue that “got duped” isn’t really accurate. They examined the issue and decided that the 9th’s injunction wasn’t warranted, and it was 7-2, not even a close call.

I really appreciate that you’ve only been here a week but have read, memorized and internalized the forum guidelines already. Never see that.

If you see that the Trump Administration can legally rewrite asylum laws at its whim, then I suppose you must strongly believe that the Obama Administration legally rewrote immigration laws through DACA. Can’t wait for that decision in a few months! Shall you and I pop a bottle of champagne when the Court rules that Presidents don’t need Congress to do what they want to with respect to the border?

Not in evidence.

What we can say from what the Court has announced, w/r/t the vote:
JUSTICES CONCURRING: somewhere between 5 and 7, inclusive
JUSTICES DISSENTING: Sotomayor and Ginsburg, plus somewhere between 0 and 2, inclusive
JUSTICES ABSTAINING: somewhere between 0 and 2, inclusive

Thanks for this correction. I wasn’t previously aware that justices could abstain like this, and didn’t consider the possibility that they might dissent and not sign onto the dissent (or pen their own).

Is this about the stay of the injunction on the plan to require asylum-seekers at the southern border to first demonstrate that they sought refuge in Mexico? 'Cos a stay of the injunction can be counted as a BAD thing for the upholding of the values on which this country’s greatness is based, but it seems like less of a victory for the America-hating fuckstick and Stephen [del]Himmler[/del] Imean Miller than a time-out, pending an actual decision on the merits.