Presidential Campaign Spending History

Does anyone have figures available on past US Presidential elections showing how much each candidate spent? I have a vague feeling that, historically, the candidate spending the most has usually won, but I would like some numbers to verify this.

(I don’t want a debate on campaign finance.)

Thank you.

Anyone? Bueller?

(I really have to start coming up with snappier thread topics, maybe dealing with alien’s testicles.)

Historically, campaigns have opted into public funding. So, at least in the first analysis, there hasn’t been any difference in spending between candidates.

Of course there’s spending by political parties and outside groups and spending before the convention to account for. And the occasional eccentric billionaire funding their own campaigns, so a more complete answer to your question is probably possible, but we’ll probably need some agreement on what spending to count.

I thought historically there hadn’t been any public funding of Presidential campaigns; isn’t that a relatively recent innovation?