Presidential Mystery Date

I think of voting for President as being like choosing a husband, or wife, or person to have an affair with. Not for me, y’unnerstand. I’m against having any branch of gov’t boil down to one guy with sex appeal. But psychosocially, yeah, that’s how it seems to shake out. The people, lacking patience for the details of policy wonkitude, default to their various psychologies of attraction. The details adjust to a different context, but there are recognizable parallels.

So, then:

Barack Obama is, in political terms, a supermodel. He’s tall, he’s pretty, he’s charismatic.

John Edwards is that honors student in high school who we gave flack, because she lived in the rich neighborhood & “looked like an airhead.”

Bill Richardson is the slightly chubby girl who’s a good cook & has a great sense of humor. The one you actually marry, for many of us.

I’m not sure who Hillary is. I think she reminds us of the general run of schoolteachers.

Sorry- error post.

Of course, most of us are getting stuck in the primaries with the arranged marriage decided by those matchmakers Aunt Iowa & Uncle New Hampshire. Then in the general, we have to choose between that prospective mate & an alternative suggested by the slightly skeevy professional matchmaker our mother found “to give us a choice.”

Well, for some people then, Al Gore is the cute, smart chick you remember in high school, who you run into at the 20th reunion who has aged like Diane Lane, (i.e. gotten hotter as she has gotten older)

Sometime in the next year, I’m betting the Demo party summons the courage (or desperation) to see if Diane is ‘availiable’.