Presidential pardons

If Congress holds hearings on the pardons and finds fault with one or more, what can they do besides gripe about it?

As far as President Bush is concerned, Congress can investigate and talk all they want about any of Clinton’s pardons, but he isn’t going to do anything about it. Bush has already stated that he wants to preserve the president’s power to issue pardons.

Congress has no constitutional authority to revoke a pardon.

Does a President have the power to revoke a pardon made by another President?

I suppose they could see if there was anything illegal about why he issued them. But mostly they get to show how self serving the pardons were. And by extension paint democrats as hypocritical. But I think that is about it.

Speaking of self serving pardons, I looked at the list of pardons and there did not seem to be many in there that seemed to be correcting miscarriages of justice. How do Clinton’s pardons with his predecessors pardons?

Will they be spending taxpayer money again for this “investigation” or will the funds come straight from the GOP coffers ?

why would a 50/50 split bipartisan congress draw funds from the GOP for an investigation that they decided to run?

think… then speak… good rule to live by

Here is a very good article on the issue that I found earlier today:

(incidentally written by John Dean of Watergate fame)

gazpacho asks:

> How do Clinton’s pardons with his predecessors pardons?

Well, for instance, Reagan gave out approximately the same number of pardons in his two terms as Clinton did in the same amount of time.