Presidential politics=bank robbery

I just caught this on the local news.

Davenport, Iowa (one of the world famous Quad Cities, along with Bettendorf, IA, Rock Island and Moline, IL) had both, count’em, both, President Bush and Senator Kerry in town to day. It was a big deal. For a few brief moments this small city on Iowa’s eastern nose was the center of the political universe. All the local cops were on duty. All the State Police in the area were on duty. All of the sheriff’s deputies from two or three counties were on duty. The Secret Service was there in force.

Apparently all of those law enforcement officers were down at the political venues making sure that nobody go in who might conceivable boo the speaker because during those few brief moments in the political limelight three Davenport banks were robbed.

I’m waiting for somebody to draw a correlation between having a presidential candidate on your door step and an increase in the crime rate. If so, either party will be hard pressed to blame it on the other.

Sounds like something Norm MacDonald would say into his tape recorder during a Weekend Update. “Note to self: wait for both Presidential candidates to visit small Midwestern town, tying up all law enforcement… then go on crime spree!”

I had to giggle when I heard this story. You hear so much about dumb criminals that it’s kind of refreshing to hear about some thieves that actually put some thought into their caper.

Disclaimer: I am in no way condoning their crime. I hope they catch the boogers and throw ALL the books at them.

I, too, am in no way condoning crime or anything like that, but DAMN that was slick! Makes an interesting counterpoint to all of those “dumb criminals” stories.