Presidential Portraits; aka "Is Nixon's in the White House?"

I’m watching Antiques Roadshows and reading the news at the same time. Something reminded me that every President typically gets an oil poitrait done of them just at the conclusion of their term(s). Did Nixon get one, knowing that he left under “less than honorable” conditions? Would Trump if he were to leave under the same conditions?

With 45 Presidents now, where are all these things hung?

That and I’d seen that episode of the Sopranos this week–Tony finds his ‘horse portrait’.

Nixon certainly has an official portrait. It washung in the White House in 1981.

As he should.

He resigned before an impeachment. So, technically, it leaves him in good standing.

I stand corrected on both counts.

Thank you!

I believe that if they don’t stay at the White or end up in the Smithsonian the presidential libraries would take them. I also suspect that these things get rotated around by the request of the whoever is occupying the White House at a given time. Here’s a link to the Wiki on Presidential Portraits.

All the Presidents, Nixon included, are in the National Portrait Gallery:

although Nixon’s is rather smaller than the others, and not as good artistically, imho.

Are you referring to his portrait or his term in office?