President's nicknames

Frank’s Bush rant in BBQ got me thinking. Bush get’s called Bush Jr. (which Frank doesn’t approve of. I have no opinion on whether this is correct or not.)

He also get’s called Dubya and (my favorite) Shrub. (Plus a lot worse but let’s stick to standards nicknames.)

So what have other presidents been called? Good or bad. Who was so boring they didn’t even warrent a nickname? Let’s make a list.

(Well, I think nicknaming our leaders bouds (sp?) well for democracy. When we can’t make fun of the president we’ll be in really trouble).

There’s a list at Wiki.

sigh There’s a list for everything on the internet. Takes the fun out of everything.

Agreed. I come into threads like this thinking “hooray lets make a list!” then wikipedia rears its ugly head and I think “Boo wikipedia”. It’s worse than the “Google is you friend” jazz.
I can’t think of any good presidential nicknames,guess I’ll go look at that damn list.

It’s not.

I happened to think about this today and sure enough, there’s an sdmb topic that had almost reached zombiedom until I rescued it :slight_smile:

The Wiki article numbers the presidents backwards, including BO, but there are only 43 so I wonder (but not enough to look it up) who’s missing?

I like the initial names FDR, JFK, LBJ. I also liked the use of Bush-41 & Bush-43 to distinguish between them (and am embarrassed to admit it took me a while to learn why they kept saying Bush-43), but Dubya is hard to beat for the quirky reference to the middle initial alone and the subtle jab. Tricky Dick and Slick Willie are also hard to beat as pejorative but well-earned nicknames.

Another embarrassing confession: it also took me a long time to figure out why there was an XM Radio political talk channel called “POTUS”

It doesn’t have Shrub, which was mentioned in the OP.

I notice Wikipedia didn’t list Walter Mondale’s nickname for President Carter: Iron-ass Jimmy

Or Mr. Peanut as once stated by Inspector Luger on Barney Miller.
I think Mike Royko once called Nixon President Sneaky. Not all that imaginative for ol’ Mike.

I’ve called Bush Jr. Ratboy before, referencing Fratboy.

Without looking it’s going to be Grover Cleveland. He served two non-consecutive terms so if you’re just seeing a list of people who’ve been POTUS there’s only 43.

OK, you forced me to look it up. And you’re right, the suffixed numbers refer to the presidency (combining consecutive terms), not the person

This makes for a good bar bet…even the media misstates Obama as the 44th president
whereas he is actually only the 43rd.

Yeah, I’ve seen that discussed here before. You could say his administration is the 44th but he’s not the 44th person to be president. The error is not going to go away any time soon. As you said, people often referred to Bush-41 and Bush-43, and it caught on to the point that even George W. Bush was known to call his father “41” on occasion.

That’s now been added. It’s wonderful having an encyclopedia which can be corrected almost instantaneously.

Can we start the damn list already, and screw wikipedia? I’ll start with the obvious because I’m cheap.

President 16, Abraham “Honest Abe” Lincoln
President 37, Richard “Tricky Dick” Nixon

My favourite is “Old Tippecanoe”, used in the campaign slogan “Tippecanoe and Tyler Too”. (Since General Harrison died shortly after taking office, “Tyler Too” became the first Vice-President to succeed on the death of the President.)

Why is calling him Bush Jr offensive? His parents gave him the same name as his father.

And it’s now been deleted. I’ve joined in the argument on the talk page, since I’m sure that “Shrub” belongs there.

It’s not offensive. It’s just incorrect, because he’s not really a junior. The father is George Herbert Walker Bush, while the son is simply George Walker Bush.

What does that have to do with the issue? Ronald Reagan wasn’t Dutch but that was still something people called him.

Factually accurate or not, Bush Senior and Bush Junior were nicknames for the forty-first and forty-third Presidents.

We know that’s what people called them. The question was how is calling Dubya “Bush Jr” offensive. His answer is it’s not, it’s just inaccurate.

Ronald Ray Gun