Presidents under Articles of Confederation

Rather than hijack another thread, I wondered were there any notable achievements of the “Presidents” under the Articles of Confederation…the forerunner of our government under the Constitution.

Henry Laurens resigned after throwing a temper tantrum over the Deane affair, hoping that he’d get reelected as President and vindicated, but it didn’t work, but other than that, not really.

All of the Presidents under the Articles of Confederation were prominent men who had had some notable achievements in their lives, and the Confederation Congress accomplished some stuff…winning the American Revolution, establishing the first nationally chartered bank, setting up the Northwest territories and establishing a way for settlers to get land title and so on, but the Presidency was largely a ceremonial one, and the President didn’t really have any power. In fact, the President had less power than an ordinary Congressman, because he wasn’t allowed to participate in congressional debates.

None of these men were President of the United States. They were President of the United States in Congress Assembled.

Sort of like Speaker of the House.