(Presumably leftist) Woodchucks ate Paul Ryan's car!

In his own words:

Let’s go to the quarry and throw stuff down there!

What other dastardly deeds will the Liberal Animal Kingdom pursue as part of their path to vengeance against the Right wing? :stuck_out_tongue:

I gotta wear my readers more often. I read that as Paul Ryan’s ear.

Which would feed a lot of woodchucks.

Let’s see… how can he blame this on Obama or Hillary…

Furry vengeance at that. The animal kingdom is all part of the DEEP STATE. Better watch the plants too. They’re sneaky.

Huh, I wonder what Ayn Rand would have to say about that? Something about “personal responsibility”, but it’s just not coming to me.

She’d side with the woodchucks. They acted decisively, in their own interests. She liked that shit :wink:

To his credit, Ryan laughed when the interviewer suggested he replace the car (a Suburban) with a motorcycle. “You could buy a Harley! Will you buy a Harley?”

Ryan responded that those cost about $2,200 extra now…

You’re making that up, right? These days, ya gotta watch the subtle stuff, because its getting harder and harder to tell.

But at an extra $1.50 a week, it will be payed off in no time.

It’s in the video, I swear.

He can use the money from the giant tax reduction we all got :stuck_out_tongue:

How much faux wood paneling could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck faux wood paneling?

Oh, Ryan told the story well and clearly thought it was just as absurdly hilarious as the rest of us; it’s the most human I’ve ever seen him.

God works in mysterious ways.

This blog is like reading an early 21st century Erma Bombeck; thanks for the link!

Everyone makes mistakes now and then.

Clearly the Turing Test has been passed, then.