Pretty Feet and Hands (a skin moisturizer)

Does anybody remember this product? I used to work in a grocery store (1986-89) and the lady who ran the produce department used this product on her hands (which took tremendous abuse) to remove dead skin and calluses. I tried it once and you believe how much dead skin came off (I can empathize with molting snakes now). I haven’t seen this product in quite some time.

BTW, if it does still exist and you play the guitar, DO NOT USE IT!! It will effectively remove those calluses you’ve worked so hard to build up!

Yes - small blue bottle, made currently by B.F.Ascher, but used to be made by Menley and James. I’m not sure how it works. You can buy this online if you want at Drug Emporium’s website.

I found I could get the same effect by soaking my skin in plain water for a bit.

I’m pretty sure this is an alpha-hydroxy lotion…great stuff…

Yeah, I remember it well. My grandmother uses it. I used to get really pissed off when I saw it, because I hate(d) the name.

It should be “Pretty HANDS and FEET” NOT “Pretty FEET and HANDS!!!#!#!”

I hate that!! It sounds so stupid. It’s outrageously annoying, god dammit!!!