Pretty Little Buck

Fifteen feet away, outside my big picture window, a 6-point buck is grazing on my lawn.

It’s one of the the little black-tail island deer, a beautiful specimen. I usually only see them grazing beside the road. It’s a real treat to see one up close like this.

Of course, my camera is up at the coffeehouse. That’s two great photo ops I’ve missed. I guess it’s time for another camera, huh?

Sounds beautiful, but I have no idea what island you are talking about, so I can’t picture the deer. Can you give a better clue to your location?

Or a bow and arrow.

At least, that’s what this guy thought.

I originally misread the thread title as Pretty Little Buick, and thought - no way. :dubious:

No, the Buick was out the back window. :slight_smile:

This is a doe of the same species – I can’t find a good photo of a buck. I’m taking the camera home tonight, though.

I’m on Whidbey Island. Our local black-tail deer are, as is usual for island mammals, slightly smaller than their mainland counterparts.