Prevent mildew after minor leak?

So, the bad news is, there was a leak in my apartment building. The good news is, it just baaarely skirted the corner of my closet. There’s no standing water, just a few wet spots on the walls. And the moisture seems to have somehow unleashed some decades old cigarette smoke. Smells lovely.

Anyway, is there anything I should dab on the walls to prevent mildew? As long as the leak is fixed, I think it’ll be dry pretty soon, but I’m going on vacation and am worried about coming home to a font of stink.

You could just use bleach or even vinegar. Bleach would be more positive.
Since this is not an ongoing problem, that should be sufficient. For others with a bigger problem or one more continuous, a newer product called Concrobium for about $10 at hardware and building stores kills mold and prevents the return.

Above all, get the area dry as soon as possible. Put a fan on the area running until some time after it seems dry.

Sponge every surface down with chlorine bleach and allow to dry. Should make a major difference.