Preventing spread of infectious agents- term?

My memory and google-fu are failing me-

What is the term for the collection of behaviors employed in hospital settings to prevent the spread of infectious agents such as C. diff or MRSA.

These would include: hand washing, wearing gloves, isolation etc.

Ugh. I am blanking in it!!!

Do you mean quarantine?

No- it’s a term hospitals use to describe a suite of behaviors to to prevent the spread of an infectious agent. Isolation/quarantine would be one such behavior.

Thanks though!


infection control procedures?

Barrier nursing?

Universal precautions?

Medical hygiene.

CMC fnord!

As yoyodyne said, it’s Universal Precautions. It involves PPE, which is personal protective equipment, such as gloves, gowns and masks.

Yeah, I was thinking Universal Precautions, but I thought there was another, more specific term… probably not.

Thanks everyone!

Infection control is a broader term which encompasses universal precautions and things like isolation procedures. It might be a better fit for what you’re thinking of.

Universal precautions is aimed at avoiding blood-borne pathogens like HIV & Hep B & Hep C by wearing appropriate barriers when running the risk of being exposed to anyone’s blood or bodily fluids. It won’t prevent possible MRSA transmissions as it’s not aimed at preventing all skin to skin contact (such as in typical physical exams).

So I agree with Nunavut Boy that infection control is a more accurate term.

Vector control?