Prevention of Crime Act 1953

This act was passed to try and curb violent crime in the UK by restricting a citizen from carrying an offensive weapon, but because of the ridiculous ambiguity of it basically anything can be considered offensive. Do you think its right for a kubotan (a plastic stick that people have as a keyring, used to stabilized the fist when punching) to be outlawed, I mean come on its ridiculous the sort of restrictions we have in the UK all in the name of public safety.

From the Wiki page. Offhand, I’d say that a spike used to puncture people certainly qualifies as a weapon.

For the most part a kubotan is just a miniature baton but obviously there can be exceptions to the rule.

Seems like a quite lethal weapon to me, I can easily see why it’s restricted. Then and now.

In 1950 the crime rate in Britain was 1,053 crimes for 100,000 people. Fifty years later it was 10,537 per 100,000 people in 2004. That is almost precisely 10 times higher. The 1953 Prevention of Crime Act does not appear to have prevented crime.

Have reporting standards changed in fifty years? I daresay that could be significant.

It may not have prevented crime but the fact remains that by law a person carrying an ‘offensive weapon’ (and here is where I have a problem) can be punished by up to 2 years imprisonment.

Due to the ambiguity of the act near enough anything can be considered an offensive weapon as long as you seem to have nefarious purposes even if it is a stick for example.