Previous phone # owner still giving out the number?

Years ago I briefly had an 800 number for my cellphone. I was getting a ton of calls for the prior owner of the number, and I eventually had him call me. He explained that it was his number, the phone company claimed his payment was late, and he was working on resecuring the number.

Well, I’d already gotten new business cards and stationery made. I wanted the number and had done nothing wrong. I contacted the phone company and they assured me it was my number.

The other guy kept getting calls, important sounding calls. I contacted him again and tried to rationally discuss the matter, but he just started threatening me, insisting I had to call the phone company and give the number back to him.

So I went all out. Every call he got I told the caller they were a cnt for doing business with Joe. I told them Joe was fcking their mother. I basically said whatever horrible nastiness came into my mind at the time.

Joe went away.

Area codes don’t mean much any more if it not a landline. One of my nephews is now in DC but kept his Verizon number with its Phoenix metro AC.

Indeed, my boss’s cell number has the 206 area code from when he lived in Seattle, as he kept the same number when he moved over here. Pretty sure, though, that that’s not the case with this Virginia guy with my number.

Once, my new landline number belonged previously to a business that went bankrupt. I received an annoying number of unpleasant calls and messages for two or three months.

Another time, something very different happened with my cell phone. I began to receive enthusiastic and amourous calls and messages from young ladies. I could deduce from them than some young guy was having one night stands or at least was succesfully hitting on girls, and upon leaving, was giving his partners a fake number (that happened to be mine), and sometimes also a rendez-vous where he wouldn’t show up. It only lasted for maybe three weeks, but I was impressed by how many girls this guy was wooing. One day, I got messages from three different girls, two of them waiting vainly for him.

When I got my cell phone I kept getting calls for Bill. One day when I was at lunch it went like this.

Me Hello. Woman is bill there. Me no, I am sorry but you have a wrong number. Hang up. Phone rings Is bill there, No this is no longer Bills phone number. Hang up. Phone rings is Bill there. Me are you calling and I give my phone number. She is yes. I see the problem this is no longer Bills phone number.
Phone rings Me Hello. Man responds may I speak to Bill. Guess the woman though she could get man to call so I would give the phone to Bill. Me no this is no longer Bills phone number I just received this phone and number last week. Bill may have a new phone number you need to call bills new phone number. Phone rings again. Man may I speak to Bill. Me, no one by the name of Bill is able to answer this phone. Phone rings again. May I speak to Bill. You will have to find Bills number out and call him on Bills phone not mine. Phone rings again. May I speak to Bill. After a long pause. Why would you call Bill on my phone and ask to speak to him, I don’t know any Bill. Phone ring again, I pushed the reject button. Phone rings again reject again. This kept up with the phone ringing about 3 times a minute. I finally turned my phone off so I could eat lunch in peace.

Next day I get a call Is Bill there. Now I realize they are not going to go away so I start to have fun. Just a minute I get him. Let them wait a few minutes. bill want to know who is calling. Ok I will tell him. Come back after about a few minutes. Bill is to busy to talk to you now he is reading a book. After a few times of that when they would call asking for Bill I would tell them that they would have to explain to me why they were calling my phone to talk to bill before I would desturbe Bill to see if he wanted to talk to them. They finally got the messages and the calls decreased and finally stopped.