Price range for car scratches?

Alright, so I was backing up and I ended up scratching a little bit of my friend’s car. He took the car to see how much it would cost and it came out to $150. I don’t have a problem with paying, since it was my fault, but he isn’t my most honest friend. The scratch(es) are a good 6 inches and take up an area of about 8x7, no dents. The car was a Ford Focus.

That sounds cheap, from my encounters with body shops.

I rented a car once and got scratches along the roof when I set a box on top of the car and slid it off (naturally, I had decided to forgo the insurance). I was billed $465 by the rental company.


Just a guestimate, but if they can’t be buffed out and any paint matching will be done, the $150 is probably about right.

Why not offer to pay the bill, i.e. go down to the shop when he picks the car up and settle for the actual total. You can easily justify this by telling the guy you are going to put it on a credit card and will need to be there in person. This way, your not just geasing his hot little hands with a Frankin and a Grant.

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How many you need? I can give you a volume discount. :smiley:

Actually, $150 sounds about right to me too. Actually somewhat less than I’d have expected.

Agree with gatopescado. Pay the bill yourself.

Even if the shop really did estimate $150, what’s to keep your “not most honest” friend from pocketing the money and never getting around to getting it fixed?

Assuming we’re talking US$ I agree the price is about right unless you’re in a very low cost part of the country.