Price these yard sale LCD monitors

We’re having a yard sale Saturday. What’s a reasonable asking price for a 17" Compaq FP 7317 square LCD monitor, and a 19" Dell widescreen LCD monitor (no obvious model number but from 2007)? The Dell includes the original box. I’m thinking maybe $30 for the 17" and $50 for the 19", figuring to come down $10 on each.

Sounds about right. If you shop around, you can find monitors on the CHEAP these days. CRTs are basically free to anyone who can find one and doesn’t care what they’re using. I can get a 15-17" LCD at a gov’t surplus store in town for about $25 CDN or so, I reckon.

At most a third of the price of whatever the same spec one would cost where you live. The people buying it will have to carry it home, it won’t last them as long as a firsthand one and it won’t have a warranty. There won’t be a lot of demand for them - don’t most people buy a monitor as part of a whole computer package? Hopefully you’ll still be able to get a bit of cash for them.

I occasionally see acquaintances of mine on Facebook offering up CRTs for sale for ludicrous sums, even though they’re doing so because they just purchased an LCD so know how little those cost these days.

See, I’d go $10 higher on the theory that lots of garage sale shoppers still have CRTs and will think it’s quite a deal.

I purchased an HP F2105 for $20 recently. Smaller monitors like yours are commonly $20-25 in my area. I have never seen a used monitor priced for $50.

I lowered the prices to $10 and $30, but so far, no takers.

Unfortunately, the way it usually works is if you find a taker, that’s also the person who might have paid more. :frowning:

If you are located anywhere near NW Baltimore I would be interested in them.

Nowhere near Baltimore, and some lucky fellows just took them away.