Ok, I just signed up for the whole thing, and I’m looking for tickets… I need to get up to Montana at the end of this month (approx) and I was hoping they may be able to hook me up.

Has any of the TM used this before? How good/reliable of a deal am I possibly getting myself?

Anyone with a pilot’s license want to run me up to Montana?


Personally, I try not to patronize businesses that have excessively moronic commercials. Plus, Priceline got slammed by a local radio consumer show…and I know a couple of people who tried to use them & got better prices elsewhere.

Try here:

I used them once. The price I got was ok, but when I had to change my travel plans, it was impossible to do through Priceline or the airline. I ended up getting home when I wanted to by taking standby seats, but it was a hassle. I wouldn’t use them again. Life demands flexibility, especially when traveling.

I used Priceline for hotel reservations. I got 50 bucks a night a three star hotel. The problem was they put us in the un-rennovated part of the hotel. It was old school. The price was right, the room was not. Give me a Hampton Inn anyday.

Yes, I would do it again, because there was nothing wrong with the hotel, just not my standard. But when I’m short on cash and need a vacation, 50 bucks sounds awful nice.

i used them once. I got really cheap round trip tix to L.A. It was pretty last minute and they did the best over and a few others.

I’ve used them twice and was happy with the prices both times. However, you DO NOT get to pick the time of your flights so you usually end up flying early or late since those have the most unfilled seats. After I had booked my Priceline tickets, I found them at or one of the others that advertises in the Sunday paper for the same price but I had a wider choice of flight times. I’ll look tomorrow and post the other site.

Tristan, we’ve actually covered this a couple times - try doing a search in the SDMB archives.