Priceline--going out of business?

No more grocery deals, no more gasoline deals. In time, perhaps no more, best of all no more Baldy Shatner doing Priceline commercials. Check out for more info.

I KNOW! I’m kinda pissed… I was saving 15 cents a gallon on gas and I swear to God I was saving 40 - 50% off of my groceries! I always added up what I would have paid by store prices (even if on sale) with what I payed by using priceline, so I KNOW. Plus it was all the stuff I would buy normally, not impulse type stuff!! The grocery thing was fantastic… I was soooooooo bummed to see it go.

I always ment to start a thread about the grocery part…

Their stock actually went up when they ditched the gas. Evidently WS prefers them focusing on their core areas, not diversifing too much. I’m pretty pissed since I attempted to short sell them and got washed.

I believe that you’ve missed an important point, Jeff. Now that this gig is gone, what’s a poor aging, balding, guy to do for self stimulation and prosleytizing?

New autobiography? “How I’ve spent the months 2/2000 - 10/2000” ??
new Movie? “Star Trek um, which one are we on now?”

New TV show? “TJ and the Trekkies”??

New CD “Shatner’s commercial love songs”?

No, we should all ante up and either get this company back on it’s feet or suffer the consequences! Oh, the humanity!

Did you know that in a tv interview WS said that he never got an airline ticket thru Priceline because he only goes first class.

Anything but more commercials, especially not where he’s “singing”. He’d be easier to avoid!

Does anyone remember the news report a few months ago that the airline industry was going to start their own version of Priceline?

The main difference was that you had the choice of turning down the ticket, if the times were not suitable–unlike Priceline, which buys it regardless.

but Jeff, you’re forgetting that each of those other endeavors beget even more: each book, movie, cd etc. begets, a minimum of 3 or 4 appearances on talk shows, plus commercials, print advertising as well as radio and tv…

Or. My idea is to have an annual telethon. The ‘Worn out Celebrity’ telethon. Once a year, we can be called upon to ante up so we don’t have to hear from Herve Villecheyse, Charo, the cast of the Golden Girls, Cher, indeed any celeb who’s done an infomercial… you get the idea.

Isn’t he dead??


The mere thought of Shatner in ANY situation makes my skin crawl…

** FCM ** Herve? quite possibly. hard to tell sometimes. ok, so not Herve, how about Maclean Stevenson. Nope, he’s gone too. damn, where’s my list of old tv show second bananas???

Doing my part I just got our holiday vacation tix through Priceline this morning.


Tried to get the rental car too. Kept getting a ‘server unavailable’ message.

Could I have been the FINAL PRICELINE CUSTOMER?!?!?!?

Just tried again. 3:07 EST…still down.