Pride month! (2022) How're you celebrating?

I live in Hilo, Hawaii, which I’m told by my LGBTQ+ friends is a good place to be if you fall outside heteronormative strictures.

I’m a cis-gendered straight woman myself, so I would never presume to speak for anyone who isn’t, but … damn, it makes me happy to live here. Hilo town hangs rainbow-colored flags from its streetlights during pride month. I smile every time I drive past them.

Our Pride Parade is this Saturday June 25. I’m going to be on a street corner, in coordination with several people I know, screaming joy and support as Hilo’s delightful parade marches by.

What are you, and/or your town, doing in Pride Month?

actually, our pride events are sparsely attended because were so close to L.A. and everyone goes there to party but I am glad we do have them tho

One of the negatives to rural living is that the small town we are near never participates in anything like Pride Month.

My brother lives near Anne Arbor, Michigan and has plans throughout the month.

I live in a small southern town that displays flags/banners for Pride Month. It’s too small to have its own celebrations, but nearby larger towns do.

We had one city council meeting in June so I was sure to wear my best rainbow stripe shirt under a blazer with my “ally” pin. I was still too chickenshit to say anything like “Happy Pride! We see you!” for fear of the Angries coming after me, but I did what I could.

I didn’t go to Cleveland Pride. Might go to Akron Pride, but it’s not until August. Most of my gay friends moved out of state so I don’t have anyone but allies to bum around with.

Someone started a Pride event in my boyfriend’s little town and after reading an article about how people were yelling at their city council for “allowing” it, I wanted to go to show support. My boyfriend said he was kind of spooked by the “van of white nationalists in Iowa” and said he feels like Pride events are going to be targeted this year, so he didn’t want to go. He has a point. We had something else to do that day so we didn’t end up going. But the event went off safely so maybe I’ll get to it next year!

This is the first year since 1970 that I haven’t attended any Pride events, because of health problems. I’m passing the torch to younger, healthier generations.

We’ve got out Pride flag on the house, and that’s that.

I live inside the Chicago Pride Festival as well as live on the Parade route. So, I’m happily surrounded by it.

Didn’t see as many friends as I did back in 2019, had a massive pride party that year. This year, the first real year back since Covid, had many of my friends traveling.

At work, I’m part of the Pride employee group, I work in financial services. We’re taking a look at all of our legal agreements to make sure they protect same gender people if they happen to be a beneficiary.

Kind of the same here - the pride parade was MUCH smaller than in 2019. I’m not sure why.

Anyway, my organization decided we’ll do a float next year. We already have a mobile stage on a trailer so it can be taken to senior centers, parks, etc. - perfect for the parade. I can’t wait!