Priest Crucifies Nun -- please tell me that this is a lone wacko...

In short, a 29-year old Romanian priest ordered that a 23-year old nun be crucified because she was “possessed by the devil.”

The priest is currently facing murder charges and excommunication.

Please tell me that this is just a local wacko out there and that people aren’t really crucified for devil possession. Please.

Zev Steinhardt

Yeah, I think the consensus was “wacko”.

You’re on to our plan!!! Who gave you this vision? It must be SATAN!! Seize him and chain him to a cross!!

Be thou thus told.

Lone wacko? No, this is what Catholics do every Palm Sunday.

Seriously, dude, they’re excommunicating him and arresting him for murder. They don’t even excommunicate priests for fucking little boys. How much clearer can it be that this is a horrifying abberation in the Church?

My apologies. Apparently I missed the earlier thread.

Zev Steinhardt

Oy – you must have us Orthodox confused with the Catholics. A priest here in Texas was defrocked just a few weeks ago for doing just that.

Oops! So I do!

I that case, wouldn’t a better idea be to REfrock him?

Well, at least he didn’t throw a spear through her head. Because, as the old joke says, you know what happens with that and revolving doors.