Prime Minister Boris Johnson tries to lead the UK


Snail mail à la FDR.

Smoke signals (“was it good for you”)?

You don’t, if you want to see each other in person. A senior civil servant was very publicly fired for the same offence last year. I’m sure lots of ordinary people were doing the same, but it is a little different if you’re the one literally in charge of telling everyone to stay home. Still, most people wouldn’t really care that much, especially since it seems to be a serious relationship (they’ve both now left their partners and moved in together).

But yeah, the main issue really is that he’s been funnelling money to his GF, and actually being properly corrupt, and, worse, getting caught.

The Wurst PM ever and Angela Merkel discuss sausages. Boris blithely offers up this analogy:

Yes, just imagine if Germany was divided into two countries with heavy restrictions on movement of people and goods across the boundary. Who could possibly envision such a thing?

Clearly he’s no historian - although the unpleasantness of 1961-89 wasn’t “because of the jurisdiction of an international court.”

At least he’s not improperly corrupt.

The latest idiocy on COVID:

Another case of something you’d think was far fetched if you saw it in a satirical TV series.

Johnson’s government concluded a Very Important Trade Deal last year with Ukraine. It was signed by Boris Johnson – the only trade deal considered to be of sufficient strategic importance to be signed by Johnson personally. It was “lauded as a key example of Britain’s post-Brexit trade and foreign policies”.

But… the text was copy-and-pasted from another agreement… and apparently nobody actually read it.

It seems it has a lot of clauses that they really don’t want.


One of the same government officials said this was a deal that “no one wanted to get wrong” – particularly as it was subject to especially close scrutiny by the European Union, they added.

Separately, an EU official told The Independent they had noted that the agreement bound the UK to rules in some areas they had not expected it to.

…and by a marvellous coincidence, Boris and Chancellor Javid (who has Covid) have to self-isolate fror two weeks. On ‘Freedom Day’!

They tried to claim exceptional treatment,but the Press and the Opposition wouldn’t let them.

You couldn’t write it in fiction!

And I’ve just seen on the evening news that he’s been trying to pretend they only flirted with the idea of using the daily testing trial instead of self-isolating, but decided they should stick to the same rules as everyone else - even though No. 10 formally announced it and sent the duty Cabinet minister into the TV news programmes this morning to defend it. But by teatime BJ was pulling the rug out from under him and making him look like even more of an idiot than he already did.

BJ can’t even lie effectively - he thinks he can go on getting away with winging it.

And why not? He is getting away with it, pretty much.

He is the PM, right?

This survey was done pre-the weekend’s farcical “pilot scheme” rules-dodging, but still: it is difficult to know just what Johnson/the Tories have to do to fall behind Labour. They are right to have every confidence that they can get away with any old shit.

Today, Prime Minster Johnson waged an epic battle in front of Prince Charles:

Johnson’s profession is being a clown and entertainer. Prime-ministering is a hobby.

Dang, in that photo he looks disturbingly like Trump.


Jul 19

And why not? He is getting away with it, pretty much.

Very true. They all lied about how great the fishing deal was, which gave their supporters something to shout about. Now, if you point out the lie, the supporters say ‘too late now, it’s all done’.

In other words, the supporters don’t care if he lies. They, like he, just need t hold onto something. Tomorrow will be anoter day and another battle.

More on that front:

We are assured that the shortage of lorry drivers has nothing whatsoever to do with Brexit. But the Government is on the case: they will be streamlining the HGV test, including getting rid of the pesky

because it’s not like HGV drivers will ever need to back up to a loading bay, and uncoupling a trailer is a completely safe and simple thing anyone can do.

I know - they do say they’ll be getting third-parties to do that testing, which I’m sure will be just as effective and corruption-free as the COVID testing has been.

Everything is fine, folks. Just fine.