Prime Suspect--am I the only one that likes the new show?

I want to like it because Maria Bello is a personal friend, so I’m pulling for her. But at times it does seem a bit contrived and a retread of a million other NY-based cop shows. I do like that she looks like the middle-aged woman that she is and not like she just stepped off the cover of Vogue, like some other law-enforcement shows depict their leads.

I like it too. Unfortunately, as of about two months ago, we are no longer a Nielsen family so my watching has no influence. Sorry.

He was also on Law and Order - played an IRA assasin named “The Ghost”

I agree. One gets tired of women on TV looking like they were all extruded out of the same play-do fun factory mold. Maria Bello is a very attractive woman.

I think it could grow into something pretty good, but it’s not there yet. My favorite part of all three episodes was when they were testing out the run from the restaurant to the storage area. Sure, it was a little slapsticky, but it also seemed like how three detectives might interact and run.

Both of the episodes after the pilot were named for a word or phrase spoken in the last few minutes. I guess that’s going to be the naming convention.

Finally got around to watching the first two eps and found myself enjoying it. I was afraid they were going to try to copy the Helen Mirren program, but it’s completely different. The characters are engaging and have some complexity, and the stories have tension. The acid test was when I asked my wife to watch it. She is a staunch Mirren fan, and wanted no part of a copycat series. I finally convinced her to watch the first ep and she had to admit that it was pretty good.