Prince of Darkness, Sharon Kay Penman

Anybody read Sharon Kay Penman’s newest book, Prince of Darkness?

At first I didn’t like the Justin de Quincy series as well as her other novels, but they’re getting better. This newest is my favorite. For one thing it has relatively little Claudine in it, who I don’t like, and more of Durand, who is intriguing.


I don’t think I’ve ever read anything by Penman. It sounds fantasy-ish with that name, but for some reason I’m thinking she writes historicals. Am I crazy crazy or just crazy?

Penman writes terrific historical fiction. The “Prince of Darkness”, in this case, is Prince John (of Robin Hood fame), the younger brother of Richard the Lionheart. She’s written extensively about John in her Welsh trilogy.

Penman makes the characters in her novels human and sympathetic, even if they are historically known as bad guys. She’s most famous for her first novel The Sunne in Splendour in which she portrays Richard III as a very good person, and innocent of the murder of the Princes in the Tower.

Hey, I’ve actually read one of her medieval mysteries. I knew that name sounded familiar.

I hope someone less clueless will respond to your thread. :slight_smile: