Prince William marrying a distant cousin

His future wife is a 14th cousin once removed. She is also related to George Washington and Guy Ritchie

For that matter, you are probably my 14th cousin, once removed.

Their common ancestor is Edward I. I would be interested in knowing what percentage of Englishmen are NOT descended from Edward I. He lived in the 13th century and had at least 7 children who survived to produce heirs. I bet there’s a mathematical model that could work with those numbers; anyone know how to do it?

As far as Royal marriages go, that’s very distant. Heck, Rudy Giuliani married a much closer cousin than that.

My great-grandparents died in the 1950s and have more than 1000 direct descendants. Edward I died in 1307 and probably has in the millions if not the tens of millions of descendants. Among others are Princess Diana (meaning that William is a descendant through both sides) and George Washington.

He’s probably way more closely related to his fiancee, and through several lines, than the Edward I connection. That’s just the only one that can be easily traced.

Heck, I’m closer than that to Sidney Poitier.

As seen in that play about you, Less than 14 Degrees of Separation.

Yarp. Unless you and I come from families historically separated by tens of thousands of miles, we’re likely closer than 14th cousins. My sister’s husband turned out to be her sixth cousin.

I’m outraged. He should be marrying somebody no less related than a third cousin. What’s modern royalty coming to these days?

I quite agree. If this nonsense carries on, in a couple of generations they’ll have chins.

I never knew Rudy was royalty!

Heck, I’m probably related to them. (All my grandparents were English…)

I’m a 7th cousin of a former president, does that make me presidential?

I am related to most of the people on this planet. But I still won’t let them borrow money.

Also he said he’s not wearing a ring. Maybe he plans to pick up girls in bars.

I read a book maybe 8-9 years ago based on this premise:

I can’t for the life of me remember the name of the book or the author, but the theory was that we’re all descended from Cleopatra and everyone of Northern European descent is descended from Charlamegne.

Cool! That makes me part of the family as well.

I’m closer to my dog than that! Oops, I’ve said too much.


Back in Cleopatra’s day, they married their siblings.