Principal Residential Mortgage Company

PRMC, Fuck you. I only wish that I could cc: this rant to everyone in your company that doesn’t get paid by the hour.

Since I got my loan from you 4 years ago I’ve dealt with the following shit:

You jumped my mortgage by 8% because you didn’t realize there were two houses on the property. HEY, when you bought my loan on the secondary market you also bought the property description. WAKE UP!

I have spent as long as 45 minutes on hold trying to talk to a human being. For $700 a month you OWE ME A HUMAN BEING.

You “forgot” to pay my taxes, so I got a nasty letter from the city. I had to take time off from work to go and show them I had a loan. I ended up having to pay cash on the taxes, only to have you wait 3 months to pay me back.

“But sir, your taxes were paid.
“BY ME!”
“But we took money out of your payment for tax.”
“If we took the money out, we paid them.”
“Fine, what was the payment routing number?”
“Oops, I guess we didn’t pay them. You can get a refund in 60-90 days if you send us a copy of your tax receipt for the taxes we were supposed to pay.”

You refused to pay my homeowners insurance on one of the houses. I made numerous calls to you and got stonewalled, my homeowners insurance company sent me letters saying that my homeowners insurance would be cancelled. You finally paid it 24 hours before the cancellation deadline.

Now that I sold the house I get a letter saying that I have to contact you to have the automatic withdrawl cancelled. The same letter says that the loan has been paid in full. I called and got stuck in your voice jail, unable to reach a human being.
When I went to your website to cancel the automatic withdrawl, it told me that I can’t cancel it because I don’t have loan.

Fuck you. Cancer is too good for you assholes. I called my bank and paid $25 to ensure that the automatic withdrawl can’t be done. I fully look forward to the letter from you saying that I am in arrears because you can’t make a withdrawl on a loan that has been fully paid.

PRMC, pray for these things:

  1. I don’t get bored enough at work to write up you assholes and walk it over to the Attorney Generals office. I live in a small population state, so if I go in and bitch nicely, you WILL get a call and have to explain yourselves.

  2. If I ever get a list of Who’s Who in your organization and have a reason to visit the town your offices are in, I’ll dress up nice and then go unload on the appropriate assholes until the point where security throws me out.