Printer problem: need wireless adapter

I have an Epson printer (Workforce 310, FWIW) that has wired network capability, but not wireless. It also has USB capability as a printer port only.

We recently moved, and the printer is now geographically separated from the router that it was once connected to, so for now it only has printer functions via USB; it won’t scan or fax because it wants to use the network port. I’m now scratching my head, trying to figure out how to get wireless network on the thing.

I can’t put a USB based wireless adapter on it, because the USB port won’t support it.

I can’t move the printer or router into the same room to run a cable (home politics and cable TV issues).

Can I set up an extra wireless router to support it? I have a couple extras collecting dust, I don’t know the configuration kung fu necessary to make multiple routers talk on a home network.

Does an access device exist to turn an 802.3 interface port into a wireless device? I looked through Tiger Direct’s wireless netorking section, and didn’t see anything that I thought would work.

You want to plug your printer in to one of your wireless routers, and set it to bridging mode to your existing wifi network.

How well it will work depends on a lot of things. You can buy dedicated wifi bridges for twice what a wifi router goes for, but in my (single, years ago) experience, that solution didn’t work anything like what it said on the tin. YMMV of course.

You need a wireless print server.

Here are some: (just did a quick Google search…I cannot say if any of those are good or bad as I have not tried them).