Printers and printer ink

The thought of smartphones eventually replacing PCs (and Mac, and Linux, etc) is giving me nightmares.

I will rue the day if Windows decides to copy Google Chrome’s useless “minimalist” menus, because then people wouldn’t be able to find these things. It would be just as bad as smartphone navigation, except on a bigger screen.

Some printers are set to tell you they are out of ink/toner at a specific point, even if it’s not true. They sometimes won’t print beyond that.

Do a youtube search, there is probably a work around. It is well known that the printer itself is the loss leader, real money is in ink/toner.

Also it’s worth noting that you can tweak your settings to print at a lower quality. For most applications, you won’t even notice a difference. This will make your ink/toner go further.

It’s not really much different than how a non-mechanic is expected to know what octane gas his car needs, or how to check the tire pressure.

BTW none of that is necessary for a paper copy. It all refers to converting to a PDF.

I was in the business of fixing cars 40+ years ago so I guess we will just have to agree to disagree on that comparison, Not even close IMHO.

Every computer user should know how to select a printer by scrolling down the list of printers, and if they have to generate a PDF file they should know to select a PDF driver from the list of printers. That’s just as basic as knowing how to start an application or download a file in the browser.