Printing DNG photos

I have several digital photos that I need to have printed on nice photo paper, and my printer sucks. Usually I’d go to Shutterfly or some online site like that, but these photos are in the DNG format, and I can’t find an online service that says they support that format.

Can anyone give me a pointer to a business – either online or an actual store in the DC area – that can work with that format?

Any shop that caters to professionals is probably able to handle DNG files, but at professional prices. (DNG is Adobe’s Digital Negative format - it’s similar in concept to the “RAW” files put out by professional cameras)

DNG to JPG/GIF, etc. converters are available such as this one. Looks to be free and simple.

Oh yeah – I should have mentioned that I downloaded a couple DNG to JPG converters, but the results were less than satisfactory. For two programs I couldn’t adjust the resolution to a size that would be acceptable for an 8x10, and another program seemed to strip the effects out of the DNG. (Not sure of the proper terminology – the photos were taken in color, adjusted to be black and white, and the resulting JPG was back in color but the contrast and tone was totally whack. I have no interest in playing around with the images to get it back to the very nice quality that I see when I open the files.)

Got a friend with Photoshop? Even a version as basic as Elements Version 6?

Open the DNG file in the PSE RAW editor, then click on ‘Open Image’ in the lower right corner.

That’ll open the DNG file in the regular editor, where you can save it as a JPEG or TIFF.

My local FedEx/Kinkos could do it, as they have at least one computer with Photoshop. Maybe one of you local ones have it.

A-ha. I don’t know anyone with Photoshop, but I will try the Kinko’s. Great idea.