Prion disease Kuru: help with video

I have to give a presentation on Kuru, but I need visual aids. I found one on youtube, but it doesn’t quite show the neural degeneration I need. I’m hoping my fellow dopers can help me look.

I can stand up there and just talk, but visual aids would help a lot.

Here’s one.

I just googled kuru video.

Thanks, Darryl Lict, but that’s the same video I found on youtube. I guess I should have linked to it in the OP, but I’m looking for others.

It does show the the lack of reflexes in the lower limbs, though. I’m probably going to use it.

I couldn’t find any other linkable videos, but I did find references to a documentary about kuru here. I don’t know if it would be possible to borrow or rent a copy somewhere.

Are you just googling or searching for Kuru videos, or have you also tried using the search terms for videos of Kreutzfeld-Jakob Disease (CJD)? That might be more fruitful for you, and they’re close enough to being the same thing.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I did look for that a bit, because I plan to tie it in, but I was spelling “Creutzfeldt” way wrong so I didn’t find anything. (it is with a “c” not a “k”, by the way. It sure as hell isn’t Crutchfield-Jacob, though, which is what I was searching for)

Hope it’s helpful and your presentation goes well!

If you’re still doing reading, I also highly recommend the book "The Family That Couldn’t Sleep’ by D. T. Max. It’s about a prion disease called Fatal Familial Insomnia, but he also discusses CJD/Kuru/BSE at length. It’s a fascinating book.

Thanks, but it’s just a little ten minute thing. I’m not planning on doing too much research. Shoot, I could probably just wing ten minutes right now. It’s not the subject so much as “what do I put up on the screen?”

I do appreciate the help everybody’s given so far, though.