Private banks

Does anyone know where I can find recently updated list of private banks in the US, ones that exist mainly to service high-net worth individuals? Commercial banks like Bank of America or Chase are out, although I know they have some services geared towards the wealthy. Google is being cranky and I’m at a loss as to where to find this info.

I don’t have an answer but out of curiosity can I ask why Chase is out? My wife used to work in Private Banking and has long said that if we ever get super wealthy she plans to put our money with Chase’s private bank (she didn’t work for Chase, she just thinks they are that good).

Here’s the list of Swiss banks from Wiki if that helps.

UBS is the first thing I thought of when I saw the question, but only because I pass one of their branches from time to time.

ETA, upon re-reading the question (and the reply) maybe this isn’t what you’re looking for. In that case, here’s a list from wiki of ratings of private banks.

NAF1138, a friend works for Chase and she has little good to say about management, operations and training…she’s been in the business a while, so I trust her judgement. I’m sure they do a great job with their clients, but I’m looking as a potential employee. I guess I should have clarified that in the OP!

Thanks for the Wiki links, Joey…I think I’m looking on a lower level, not necessarily the big names. For example, in Tampa we have Northern Trust NA and Lydian Bank and Trust. I’ve searched google’s directory and can’t find them, therefore can’t find others like them. I’m searching business sites now, but it’s pretty jumbled. Searching for competitors brings up the same names as Wiki.

Maybe you need to call a few credit unions or small banks and just ask if the can do what you’re looking for.

There’s a list on Wikipedia here. Among these are Brown Brothers Harriman & Co. and First Republic Bank.

Ah. Yeah, my wife wouldn’t want to work for them either. Have you looked into Wells Fargo? They are expanding into the eastern market fairly aggressively right now and I know they were doing a lot of hiring in Florida recently.

Yes…Wells Fargo, JPMorgan, etc. It’s a tough time to be in finance!
I’m considering a relocation to Dallas and I’m looking for banks in the area to apply at, hence the list. My branch is closing and there is no guarantee I’ll be staying in the company, so it’s time to start looking around.